Fellow Citizens of Okaloosa County,


On March 5, 2014, I pre-filed and  announced my intention to seek the office of the Okaloosa County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller.   In Florida, the Clerk of the Circuit Court is a constitutional officer created by Article V, Section 16, of the Constitution of the State of Florida. The Clerk is not only Clerk of the Circuit Court, but also the County Treasurer, Recorder, Auditor, Finance Officer and an ex-officio member of your Board of County Commissioners.  I have the qualification and character to be your clerk.  As your clerk, I will be responsive to the citizens and welcome public evaluation.  With 30 years of governmental service and experience, I understand the value of working with other officials and being an integral part of the governmental processes for the benefit of all citizens.  Additionally, I have a record of scrutinizing budgets and providing a check and balance function on behalf of local government and its citizens.


I am sure that each of us has seen our county from a number of viewpoints, depending on where you live and what do for a living.  For me, it has been as a boy growing up in Tampa, Florida, as a student at the University of Florida, serving as an active duty service member in the United States Air Force and as an elected municipal official of Crestview.  After 27 years of serving in the world's greatest Air Force and traveling most of the globe, my wife, Roslyn, and I wanted a place where we could raise a family and retire.  We found it here in Okaloosa County. We moved to Crestview almost 13 years ago with our three children Charles III, Nicholas Alfred, and Candice Dominique.  I have had my fair share of highs and lows pursuing the American Dream, like so many of you.  I've successfully navigated the stresses of making a living, being an elected official, community involvement, raising my children and experiencing the joys of being a grandfather.


I am seeking to become your next Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller.  As your clerk, I promise to: (1) To respect and faithfully execute the oath of office without any perceived conflict of interest and (2) To be accountable and responsible to you the citizens of Okaloosa County, not the political establishment.


Why am I running? With the retirement of the Honorable Don W. Howard, it created an unexpired term in the clerk's office. The citizens of Okaloosa should have a choice in who manages their clerk of court office. It is an awesome responsibility maintaining your public records and ensuring a seamless flow of connectivity with your Okaloosa County court system. The audit and oversight of your Board of County Commissioners and the Law Enforcement Trust Fund administered by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office round out the spectrum of the clerk's responsibilities. My over 27 years as an manager in your USAF and my nearly five years of service as an elected municipal official give me the skills and experience to do the job and provide the transparency you the citizens expect in your clerk of court.


The crisis we faced in our county in the past is not the result of any failure of the American spirit; it is the failure of our leaders to accept responsibility for their actions and their failure to remember whom they serve. If elected, I shall regard my election as proof that the citizens of Okaloosa County have decided to set a new agenda electing only leaders beholding to them.


Please return to my website to follow my campaign.


Respectfully Yours,

Charles Baugh, Jr.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Charles E. Baugh Jr., Republican, for Okaloosa County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

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